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Julia Monet

Ayurvedic Consultant/Mentor

The Art Of Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year old tradition of health & wisdom that comes to us from India.

The word Ayurveda is Sanskrit meaning; 

“Science of Life” promotes perfect Health, Wealth and Beauty.

Ayurveda encompasses Vedic Meditation, Yoga, Diet, Nutrition, Behavior & Lifestyle.

The single most important thing you can do for your health 

every day of the year is to eat wisely.

"Without Proper Diet, Medicine Is Of No Use.

With Proper Diet, Medicine Is Of No Need.”

Charika Samitha,Vedic Texts

If we do not eat the right foods, and do not follow good eating habits,

medicine won't be of much use in recouping long-term health.

It can only alleviate short-term symptoms.

On the other hand, if we eat the right foods for our physiology, 

follow a good routine that enhances digestion, the body will not need medicine for the most part and you will live a long, healthy and happy life.

Our Kitchen Is Our Pharmacy
Spices & Food Are Our Medicine


The key is to know what foods & spices to use for your particular mind/body type (Dosha)  and your individual health needs. Modern medicine is now corroborating what ancient
Ayurveda principles expounded 5,000 years ago: 

The cause of most physical and mental illness is due to poor digestion



( All In Person Cooking Classes Are On Hold Due To Covid)

All Ingredients Are Provided For In Person Classes

And Plenty of Recipes and Worksheets Are Included


Which Foods Are Naturally Purifying

How To Keep Your Doshas Balanced

The Healing Effects Of Ayurvedic Spices

Authentic Ayurvedic Cooking Techniques

Proper Menu Planning According To The Seasons

The Circadian Rhythm's Relationship To Digestion

How To Stock Your Pantry To Strengthen Immunity


After learning all the about all the above during the first half of the class,

we move to the kitchen, where you'll watch first hand how it's done.

Sip delicious Ayurvedic beverages, smell and taste the spices, watch and listen
as you learn how each dish is prepared and all your questions are answered.

Now For The Really Fun Part...

We sit together and enjoy an incredibly delicious, healthy & balancing meal,

while enjoying each other's company with uplifting conversation of
like minded, health conscious individuals.


A Practical Understanding Of Ayurvedic Cooking

Articles To Deepen Your Knowledge Of Ayurvedic Foods

Handouts Containing Over Two Dozen Complete Recipes

A Complete Resource Guide Of Where To Find All The Goodies

A List Of Ayurvedic Tips & Tricks For Building & Maintaining Health


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Call 828.713.4443

ASAP As We Limit The Class to 8 Participants

What our customers are saying

“ I Feel Ayurveda Has Revealed The Inner Intelligence Of My Body"

- Jane R. Victoria, Canada

You Are Extremely Gifted Teachers!​ 
You Have Given Us A Wealth Of Information To Enrich Our Lives!

-Meredith S, Atlanta Ga